Advantages of Using Acacia Wood

Acacia wood is a type of wood, scientifically known as Acacia, distributed in Australia or on islands in the Pacific Ocean. It is solid, resistant to termites, so it is often widely used in the wood industry such as making furniture, pallets, … Here are some outstanding advantages and disadvantages of it:


  1. More Durable: It’s wood is hardwood and naturally durable, reasonably strong that makes it perfect choice for making wooden furniture.
  2. Low Weight: The weight of it’s Furniture is not too heavy therefore, furniture made from acacia which is easily to move
  3. Work: Working with acacia wood is easy, the users can use a handsaw or other tools on it.
  4. Resistance: It is highly resistance for mildew, mold, water and termites but large amount of water can harm the wood.
  5. Maintenance: The maintenance and cleaning is easy and cheap.


  1. Cost: The price of acacia wood furniture is inexpensive in Vietnam, and finding it is not so easy because it grows only in Australia and Africa.
  2. Shrink: The shrinkage of acacia wood is possible, if the wood isn’t klin dried properly.
  3. Defects: It has stains, color variations and knots, which the user didn’t like.
  4. Swelling: The chances of swelling or bulge are there, if it is left in rainy or snow season for too many days, so avoid keeping them in rain or in snow.
  5. Color: The unfinished wood has a rustic natural wood color, does not have wood grain

In HLC – Envigo, Acacia wood is used to manufacture wooden pallets; headboard strut; wooden easel,…For more information, feel free to contact us via email or Hotline +84 975 960 929.

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